Deadly Ever After

Sharks Aren’t The Only Creatures That Bite

Today’s Brew: Hojo’s Lobby Coffee. Now we are sitting in the Starbucks parking lot stealing internet and drinking water.

Every year, many of my friends geek over Shark Week. Personally, I don’t get it. (Julie would like me to add that she supports Shark Week a great deal_ Sharks swim around in the ocean and occasionally eat people. How can you possibly fill a week’s worth of programming with that?

Shark Week ends tonight, and many fans will have a shark week hangover. Since Julie and I are givers here at Deadly Ever After, we want to fill that void. Welcome to the First Annual Deadly Ever After Vampire Week!

The two of us treat our social networking and public relations obligations in regards to getting these books published like a job. A fun one, but we run a tight ship. You can take the girl out of management, but you can’t take the management out of the girl. Anyway, when looking at our search engine stats, the most popular thing that drives folks like you to this site is vampires. From that, Vampire Week was born. You are welcome.

Over the next seven days, you can expect all vampires all the time at Deadly Ever After. We’ve been working on some fun and informative posts that we hope you enjoy reading as much as we’ve enjoyed creating!

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